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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does the patch leave any mess?

No, the patches are designed so the essential oils will not get on clothing or sheets; and when you take Naturopatch off there is no messy residue left behind.


2. Can I cut the patch?

Yes, you can cut the patch without disrupting the integrity of the essential oils or losing any of the aromatherapy benefits.  Cutting the patch is great if you have an area of the body that needs a smaller piece or a customized shape.


3. Are Natural Patches of Vermont re-usable?

No, Naturopatch is made to be disposed of after each use.  always use a fresh Naturopatch for hygienic reasons.  Typically after Naturopatch has been peeled off the skin it will not re-stick.


4. Can you wear a patch if pregnant or while breast feeding?

We recommend that women who are pregnant or breast feeding check with their physicians before using the patches.


5. Can children or the elderly wear Natural Patches of Vermont?

Children over the age of 4 may wear the patches but we suggest that infants and the very elderly do not use them.  It is also advisable to trim the patch or cut in quarters when using on young children.


6. Can I exercise while wearing the patches?

Sweating due to exercise may cause the patch to slide out of place and possibly fall off.  However after cooling down, if the patch is still on the skin, the adhesive properties will be reconstituted and it should stay put on your body.





1. How do I use the patch?

Natural Patches of Vermont should be placed on clean, dry skin.  If you have lotions on or other products on the surface of the skin it is best to clean the area where you will be placing the patch.


Step 1:  Do not remove the patch from its protective tin until you are ready to use it.  These oil patches will begin to dry out if stored outside the tin.


Step 2:  Choose a clean, dry, relatively hair-free area of skin, free of lotion or soap.  Do not put a  Patch on skin that is burned, broken out, cut, or irritated in any way.


Step 3: Peel the clear protective liner away from the sticky side of the Patch, avoiding touching the adhesive as much as possible.  Discard the liner so it is out of the reach of children and pets; it may be recycled with plastic recyclables.


Step 4: Apply the sticky side of the Naturopatch to your skin immediately. (placement of patch depends on variety chosen; see the appropriate product page).  Press the patch firmly on your skin with the heel of your hand for at least 10-15 seconds.  Make sure it sticks well, especially around the edges.


Step 5:  The Patch is effective for up to 24 hours.  Application is recommended after bathing or showering, as extended exposure to water may deteriorate the adhesive.  After 24 hours or during bathing/showering, remove the used patch, fold it together with the adhesive inside, and dispose of it out of the reach of children and pets.


2. How long are the patches  good for?

An unopened tin of Natural Patches of Vermont  is good for 18 months from purchase date, and once opened, good for approximately 6 months.


3. How do the patches come off?

Because the patch is very adhesive we do not advise pulling it off your skin quickly or you may see a red mark.  The two ways we suggest are: letting it fall off in the shower or bath, or wetting the outside edge of the patch with a washcloth so that it will be easier to take off.  


4. Why aren't my patches sticking?

Lack of adhesion may be due to hot weather, a user's skin type, or vigorous exercise.  Please be sure you have applied the patch properly, following the directions in Step 4.  Do not use moisturizing soap or lotion immediately prior to applying the patch. If you use a moisturizing  soap, try changing brands or apply medical adhesive tape over the patch to help keep it in place.  


5. How many patches can you wear at a time?

As many as needed.  For example, if you have two areas on the body that need an Arnica patch for aches and pains (i.e. shoulder and lower back) you may put more than one on.  You might also need, (for example), a Lemongrass patch for Energy and Focus and an Allergy patch.  It doesnt hurt to wear as many as you need.


6. How long should I leave the patch on?

The patches may be worn for a period of 24 hours or shorter.  Since the essential oils in the patch react with your individual body temperature the length of time you leave Naturopatch on may vary with every application.





1. What are essential oils?

Essential oils are pure plant substances that are naturally derived from all parts of the plant i.e. seed, bark, root, leaves, flowers, wood, balsam and resin.  Essential oils are only to be applied to the skin topically after being dispersed in a carrier oil. never ingested!


2. Do Natural Patches of Vermont  use pure essential oils or fragrances?

Natural Patches of Vermont  only use pure essential oils cultivated from around the world.  There are never any synthetics or fragrances added to the patches.  Naturopatch have certification on the purity of the essential oils.

Each tin lists the essential oils contained in that variety of patch.  


3. How does Essential Oil Patch Therapy work?

Natural Patches of Vermont Essential Oil Patch Therapy works by aromatherapy to bring you the experience of wellness and balance through the senses.  Aromatherapy utilizes the effect of aromas on the mind via the bodys olfactory system.  Smell is the only one of the five senses that goes directly to the brain without first being processed.  It works through the limbic part of the brain, which controls our emotions, touch, smell, etc. and seeks to enhance mood.


Inhalation combined with skin contact is the quickest way for essential oils to enter the body.  As we breathe in, moist, warm air carries tiny molecules of essential oils through the nasal passages and, via the olfactory system, to the brain, immediately enhancing mood and optimizing a feeling of health and well-being.


Inhalation of essential oils can thus bring about a positive approach to common complaints, including everyday stress, feeling down, aches and pains, or over tiredness, while also clearing a stuffy head.  Aromatherapy is a wonderful holistic experience incorporating the mind, body, and spirit to help ease and relax on all levels.


4. If I have sensitive skin should I try Natural Patches of Vermont?

Yes, it may be in your best interest to try one of the patches.  Some of the essential oils used such as Tea Tree or Lavender have calming, soothing properties and may actually decrease skin sensitivities.


If you have a known allergy to one of the essential oils then you should refrain from using that Naturopatch product.  If you are unsure, or have extremely sensitive skin, we recommend doing a patch test.  For this, cut a patch into quarters, place one quarter on skin of your forearm and check after a few minutes, and after a few hours to see if the area becomes irritated.


5. Are the products preservative free?

Yes, Natural Patches of Vermont  do take steps to protect the fragile nature of the pure essential oils used. For example, the essential oils are stored in a temperature-controlled facility and are contained in dark bottles until they are needed.  The oils are not infused into the patch until the last step and the backing on the patch protects against degradation.  Also the tins are light tight and air tight to preserve the integrity of the essential oils.


6. Why is there gel on Natural Patches of Vermont ?

The gel matrix is a biocompatible (non-irritant to the skin), inert carrier to hold the essential oils without compromising their integrity.  The gel is not a glue, rather is formulated with adhesive properties to stay on the skin.  Once you place the patch on the skin your body temperature will activate the essential oils to give off their aromatherapy benefits.

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