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About Eldon Taylor

Eldon is a New York Times best-selling author and the subject of his books range from exposing the darker sides of mind programming and brainwashing to the spiritual search for life's meaning.


In addition to being an author, Eldon created and patented his InnerTalk subliminal technology. InnerTalk is the only such technology on the market that has been researched by numerous independent universities and institutions and been demonstrated effective at priming self-talk. Self-talk, or inner-talk, is a mirror on your beliefs, which in turn play a vital role in determining whether you will succeed or fail. This holds true regardless of the domain being looked at, from relationships to business, from education to sports performance—when your self-talk changes, so will the life that you experience.


Eldon Taylor has made a life long study of the human mind and has earned doctoral distinctions in psychology and hypnotherapy. He is a certified psychotherapist and diplomate with the American Psychotherapy Association (APA) and a certified hypnotherapist with the American Guild of Hypnotherapists.


At present, he is the President and Director of Progressive Awareness Research, Inc. and an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Psychology at St. John's University in Louisiana.


Eldon has participated in independent studies regarding his work with a number of researchers at leading institutions such as Stanford University, Weber State University, Colorado State University, Munich University, Bremen University and the Institute of Mexicano Social Services (Medicas) to name a few.


Eldon's books and other works are available in public libraries and are currently offered in five languages and in fourteen countries. He has led many workshops and made presentations in the United States, Mexico, China, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The Inventor of InnerTalk

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Eldon Taylor is considered to be an expert in the area of preconscious information processing and has served as an expert trial witness with regards to both subliminal communication and hypnosis. Eldon was a practicing criminalist for over ten years where he supervised and conducted investigations and testing to detect deception.


His earliest work with changing inner beliefs was conducted from this setting, including a double-blind study conducted at the Utah State Prison from 1986 to 1987. Eldon's approach has always been very down-to-earth, science based and pragmatic.