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InnerTalk FAQ

I need help to choose a product.

Please get in touch and we'll help all we can.  We're fans and regular users of the products so we're well placed to discuss them with you.  


You may like to think about the following:  Are you clear about the problem you are trying to solve?  As with most therapies it is important to address the root causes of issues rather than the symptoms.  For example, if you are stressed, then you look for the true cause of the stress and address this first.  


How long does InnerTalk take to work?

The length of time needed to work does vary according to the type of issue and also the individual.  Issues, however tend to fall into two categories - those that are typically subconscious (e.g. confidence) or physical  (e.g. too much weight).  Experience shows that InnerTalk can change subconscious thinking very quickly, so a product such as confidence should impact the user very rapidly as there is no physical change to be made.

With a physical issue, InnerTalk is aimed at changing the thinking or behaviour which will lead to a physical change over a more extended period of time.  So, in the case of weight loss, the change in thinking required to change eating habits will occur  rapidly, with the physical change becoming a consequence of this, usually over a period of weeks or months.


When I get a CD, do I get a full list of the affirmations?

EachInnerTalk CD has a full list of its affirmations.  It is important that you read these affirmations regularly while using your CD.  This will give you a clear understanding of how you are training your own mind


What is the typical sequence of events when using InnerTalk?

Start using the CDs that address your core issues first and try to use them as much as possible - including, if possible. while sleeping.  Read the affirmations printed in the CD sleeve.

In the first few days, many people report an immediate, positive change to their thinking as the new, positive affirmations challenge the old, negative ones.  In the period of 3-7 days, some people will experience what we call "subconscious resistance" which is caused by the previous, ingrained, negative thinking trying to reject the new affirmation.  This can manifest in different ways but passes quickly if you continue to use the CD.  After about 30 days of use, the thinking rescript will be made.  After this period, many people play the CD once a month or so to receive a "booster" to their new way of thinking.


Do therapists and professionals use InnerTalk?

InnerTalk is  rapidly becoming the product of choice for therapists and professionals.  Over 300 therapists have registered to use InnerTalk as part of their practice.  InnerTalk is used either in session or to allow their work to continue between client visits.  As InnerTalk is unobtrusive (unlike many other self-help products that require headphone use and closed eye concentration) and easy to use (just press Play), therapists are finding that this technology can fit easily and also clients can be persuaded to continue their treatment between sessions because of the ease of use.  InnerTalk does recommend that if you  need personal support, you should seek the help of therapists and professionals as nothing can replace the one-to-one contact benefits of therapy.


I have a medical condition, e.g. epilepsy, is InnerTalk good for me?  Should I consult my doctor?

If you have an extreme medical condition, such as epilepsy, InnerTalk will not cause the condition to worsen but please keep your healthcare professional appraised of your use of the products.

Many GPs now refer their patients to InnerTalk (we see this especially with sleep issues, depression etc) as doctors now believe that InnerTalk is a better remedy than drugs  for some issues.  


Does InnerTalk work for people with hearing impairment?

InnerTalk relies on the sense of hearing to be successful, so for people with hearing impairment, InnerTalk messaging will only be heard to the extent one can hear normal sounds.  So, if hearing is weakened by 50%, then InnerTalk will be weakened to a similar extent.  If hearing ability is imbalanced, i.e. perfect in the right ear, deaf in the left, InnerTalk's technology of left/right, forward/reverse messaging will be impacted as one channel will be lost.  This will impact the effectiveness of the InnerTalk technologies (and to a similar extent any other self-help product relying on hearing).


What is the InnerTalk charitable programme?

InnerTalk is all about enabling people to help themselves to a better life.  As his gift to the world, the creator of InnerTalk, Dr. Eldon Taylor, made three CDs available free of charge to anyone who wants them.  You just pay for postage.  These CDs are for three serious issues many of us encounter in our lives.  They are Cancer Remission, Loss of a Loved One and Forgiving and Letting Go.


Are all products the same time duration, how long are they?

nnerTalk CDs range in duration from about 45 minutes through to 65 minutes.  With InnerTalk, it is not imperative to listen to the whole CD every time as the affirmations cycle within the product.  If you have to interupt your listening, no harm done.


What soundtrack should I choose, music or nature?

(The purpose of the InnerTalk soundtrack is to mask any breakthrough into the audible range of any of the active part of InnerTalk.)  The choice is personal, but we give the following guidelines.  If you are planning to use the CD at night or while sleeping, watching TV etc, we recommend nature soundtracks as they will not impose. The Nature options is also great for children and young people who tend to have very specific musical tastes.  Nature sounds used on InnerTalk are the sound of  ocean waves breaking on a beach.


What kind of music do the usic soundtrack CDs have?   Are they all the same?

The music on InnerTalk is predominantly easy listening music.  The style of music is selected to be appropriately for that  product title. For example, the relaxation music would be much calmer than music used for energy giving titles.  All music has been selected with an aim to make you forget the music is playing, this is done to reduce the conscious focus on the product (i.e. we don't want to direct your attention to the CD) and therefore increase the subconscious absorption of the affirmations.


We hope you will find the answers you are looking for in these FAQ.  If you need more, please do send us a message or give us a call.