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InnerTalk - Categories



 CD112 Attracting and Enhancing Romance,                         Intimacy and Love 

 CD138 Releasing the Fear of Rejection

 CD139 Confidence with the Opposite Sex

 CD147 Forgiving and Letting Go (FREE)

 CD171 Overcoming Shyness 

 CD175 I am Charismatic 

 CD189 Positive Relationships

 CD195 Healing Emotional Pain 

 CD209 Honesty 

 CD211 Cooperative 

 CD215 Magnetic Personality

 CD242 Attracting the Right Love Relationship 

 CD251 Freedom from Jealousy 

 CD291 Reflective



 Habits & Addictions


 CD109 Stop Smoking 

 CD141 Freedom from Substance Abuse 

 CD191 Impulse Control 

 CD193 Freedom from Alcohol 

 CD218 Rescripting the Child Within 

 CD233 End Co-dependent Patterns 

 CD276 Gambling

CD297 Freedom from Video Gaming Addiction

CD301 - Freedom from Chewing Tobacco

CD304 - Freedom from Gossip

CD360 - Pornography Addiction



 Excellence in Sports 


 CD172 Winning Sports Performance 

 CD212 Body Building 

 CD238 Running 

 CD240 Tennis 

 CD241 Soccer 

 CD245 Golf

 CD246 Karate 

 CD247 Judo

353 - Developing Equine Skills





 CD101 Miracle Mindedness

 CD102 Serenity 

 CD103 Synchronicity

 CD121 Awakened Dreaming 

 CD128 Contact Meditation 

 CD129 Coherent Emotion 

 CD131 Conscious Connectedness 

 CD133 Using Dreams for Problem Solving 

 CD158 Developing the Sixth Sense 

 CD176 Exploring Remote Viewing 

 CD198 Spiritual Healing 

 CD200 Asclepiad Experience: The Healing Dream 

 CD201 Conscious Expansion 

 CD202 Centering

 CD203 Awakening 

 CD204 Connecting with the Force 

 CD205 Metaphysical Oneness 

 CD206 Love, Light and Life

 CD231 Opening up to a Higher Power 

 CD235 Joyous Day 

 CD250 Increasing Spiritual Awareness

 CD260 Astral Projection (Remote Viewing)

 CD261 Psalm 91 

 CD262 23rd Psalm 

 CD263 Power of the Spirit 

 CD264 Viewing Auras 

 CD265 Remembering Past Lives: Reincarnation 

 CD266 Intuition 

 CD267 The Lord's Prayer 

 CD268 The "I Am" Presence 

 CD269 Expect a Miracle

 CD270 Ahimsa - Respect for Life 

 CD271 Yoga Meditations 

 CD272 Opening & Balancing the Chakras

CD322 - Humble and Powerful



 CD111 Ending Self-Destructive Patterns 

 CD117 Accepting Constructive Criticism 

 CD119 Strategic Planning & Peak Performance 

 CD120 Ultra Success Power: Health, Wealth & the Fountain of Youth 

 CD130 Manifesting your Vision 

 CD132 Ultra Enthusiasm 

 CD134 Building your Personal Icon: Find Your  Path in Life

 CD136 Communicator 

 CD146 Millionaire Orbit 

 CD149 Self Disciplined and Determined 

 CD156 Powerful Salesperson 

 CD165 Telephone Sales 

 CD182 End Procrastination

 CD184 Networking for Sales 

 CD207 Leadership 

 CD208 Personal Power 

 CD213 Visualisation 

 CD220 Money Management 

 CD224 Organised and Efficient 

 CD227 Time Management 

 CD228 Assertive 

 CD257 Prosperity 

 CD281 Goal Power

 CD287 Ultra Prosperity 

 CD288 Performance Anxiety 

 CD295 Performing Arts 

CD311 - Especially for Musicians

CD312 - Breakthrough Thinking

CD320 - Enthusiastic and Motivated

CD348 Accessing The Entrepeneur Within You



 Children and Parenting 


 CD106 Respect and Good Manners 

 CD116 Freedom from Television 

 CD127 Especially for Youg Children

 CD163 Positive Interactions for Young People 

 CD164 A.D.H.D. 

 CD167 Positive Parenting 

 CD180 I Can: Building a Child's Esteem

 CD185 Successful Children 

 CD186 Stress in School 

 CD187 Comfortable Pregnancy 

 CD188 Wonder of Childbirth 

 CD190 Just for Newborns 

 CD222 Freedom from Bedwetting

 CD278 Post Natal Depression 

 CD293 Thumb Sucking 

 CD297 Freedom from Video Games 





 CD122 Genius Power 

 CD124 Using Both Halves of the Brain 

 CD135 School is Fundamental 

 CD150 Accelerated Learning & Study 

 CD151 Excel in Exams 

 CD152 Powerful Memory 

 CD162 Concentration 

 CD169 Word Power: Spelling and Vocabulary 

 CD178 I am a Great Reader 

CD210 Joy of School

 CD181 Mathematics is Easy 

 CD196 Infinitely Creative 

 CD221 Creative Writing 

CD345 - Cognitive Enhancement






 Body Image


 CD107 Weight Loss Now

 CD108 Using Metabolism to Melt Fat Away

 CD148 Joy of Exercise and being fit

 CD159 I Love my Body

 CD161 Quantum Younging 

 CD174 Firm Body 

 CD199 Breast Enlargement 

 CD234 Weight & Muscle Gain 

 CD289 Forever Thin, Fit and Healthy



 Health & Wellness 


 CD118 Freedom from Back Pain

 CD123 Freedom from Stress 

 CD126 Accelerated Healing & Well Being 

 CD142 Freedom from Headaches

 CD143 Natural Pain Relief 

 CD154 Lowered Blood Pressure 

 CD155 Sleep Soundly 

 CD157 Powerful Immune System 

 CD160 Freedom from Allergies 

 CD168 Freedom from Arthritis 

 CD173 Freedom from Junk Food 

 CD194 Clear Skin 

 CD216 Pre & Post Operative 

 CD104 Positive Carer 

 CD248 Walking for Health 

 CD249 Living Healthily through Menopause 

 CD253 Freedom from Sugar 

 CD254 Keen Vision

 CD256 Posture

 CD258 Dyslexia 

 CD259 Fertility 

 CD275 PMS Relief 

 CD279 Eating Disorders 

 CD282 Freedom from Dental Anxiety 

 CD292 I Drink Water 

 CD296 Freedom from Teeth Grinding - Bruxism

 CD5500 Cancer Remission (FREE)

CD292 - Water - I Like Water

CD302 - Freedom from Profanity

CD303 - Teeth - Healthy Teeth and Gums

CD305 - Be Well, Stay Happy

CD316 - Blood Sugar Control

CD317 - Freedom from Salt



 Better Life 


 CD105 Developing Compassion 

 CD110 Up from Depression 

 CD114 Safe Driving 

 CD115 Freedom from Technophobia 

 CD125 Soaring Self-Esteem 

 CD137 Freedom from Fears 

 CD140 Healing the Past 

 CD144 Releasing Anger 

 CD145 End Stammering 

 CD153 Relaxation 

 CD170 Releasing Fear, Doubt and Feelings of Hopelessness and Helplessness

 CD177 Positive Mental Attitude 

 CD179 Neat and Tidy 

 CD183 Confidence

 CD192 Freedom from Nail Biting 

 CD197 Courage 

 CD214 Ending Bad Dreams 

 CD217 Guilt Free 

 CD219 Have it All 

 CD223 Optimism Plus 

 CD225 Patience 

 CD226 Joy of Humour

 CD229 Energetic 

 CD230 Sleep Reduction 

 CD232 Accepting Change 

 CD252 Loss of a Loved One (FREE) 

 CD255 Freedom from Hair Loss 

 CD274 Be Alert, Stay Safe 

 CD277 Healing Grief and Trauma

 CD280 Living in Now 

 CD283 For Survivors of Abuse 

 CD290 Recovering from Post War Syndrome

 CD286 Listening 

 CD294 Freedom from Snoring 

CD300 - Healing from Invalidation

CD318 - End Picky Eating

CD349 - Freedom from the Fear of Flying



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