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Developed to target stiffness and soreness, this formula quiets complaining muscles and joints.


Recommended for external local treatment of bruises, sprains and muscle pain.  This patch can help to release and relax overworked stiff muscles post- exertion.


A combination of cayenne, rosemary, lemongrass and ginger essential oils, plus the benefits of aromatherapy, strengthen arnica's power to relieve aches and pains, restoring physical freedom.


Arnica Botanical Name: Arnica Diversifolia


Found mainly in the mountains of Europe, this homeopathic aid is made from the dried flowers of the plant.


Placement on Body: Area of pain or soreness.   Please avoid broken or irritated skin.


Patch Removal: While bathing, or rub surface and peel slowly.


Arnica XL 4 Patch Pouch



4 Patch Pouch

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The Original Essential Oil Body Patch


Arnica Extra Large aromatherapy patches in spa setting with towels, candle and flowers Arnica Extra Large aromatherapy patches for aches & pains by Natural Patches of Vermont.

Each extra large patch

measures 2.5" x 6.25".

Each pouch contains 4 patches.

all natural relief from aches and pains