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Sample thought modification messages in this product:


"I maintain smoothness and fluidity at all times on the tennis court.

I am calm and graceful on the tennis court.

My shoulders stay relaxed on the tennis court.

I keep my head up and body balanced on all tennis strokes.

My footwork is excellent on the tennis court.

I love to play in tournaments.

I have mastery over my serve and return of serve.

I can determine the direction of the ball by watching my opponent.

I am graceful and agile.

I hit under the ball.

I have mastery over my forehand.

I have mastery over my backhand".


Available with music or nature soundtracks


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InnerTalk (UK & Europe) Subconscious Learning CDs. Combining the power of technology and affirmations.


InnerTalk thought modification technology clinically tested and proven by doctors, scientists and medical researchers.

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